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Vienna: It was love at third sight

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Vienna, to me, is an acquired taste. (Photo: public domain)

“Walking alone and in silence, I finally caught a glimpse of its pulse and its soul.”

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100 Yen Love: from “slob” to boxer in urban jungle

in Movies/Reviews by
Tokyo. Public domain photo.

Its anti-heroine is one of the bravest characters I’ve seen in urban-jungle type movies.

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Wine, anyone?

in Food/My Leipzig by

Wine, summer, good conversation. It doesn’t get better.

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Leipzig: between heaven and hell

in Leipzig by

Leipzig’s fine balance between heaven and hell.

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Being a freemason today

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Having a dog who needs three walks a day I always thought that I knew my neighbourhood pretty well. However, the other day I stumbled across a building that carried an image known as Square and Compass on its façade: the most widely recognised symbol of Freemasonry. Like most of you I had heard a lot…

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Leipzig’s urban prairie, dream spaces

in Cityscapes/History by

Apart from intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Leipzig exhibits another type of freedom that is the envy of every growing metropolis: spatial freedom.

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