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Panorama and Monos, South American critics’ darling

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Panorama favorite Monos
"Monos" film screenshot, YouTube. © Alejandro Landes

Alejandro Landes’s new fever-dream film, “Monos,” has critics raving about its deft mix of “Lord of the Flies,” “Apocalypse Now” and contemporary socio-political climate.

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KKW: Selvita & other upcycling highlights

in Arts/Lifestyle/What's on
Selvita snakes. Photo © Marcela Ceballos
Selvita snakes. Photo © Marcela Ceballos

“A being made up of various matters will eventually be reborn as a different being as time passes.”

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Leipzig meets Colombia

in Culture / Entertainment/Glocal/Leipzig
Get a taste of a Colombia you may not have known about, without leaving Leipzig. Drawing courtesy of Gina Escobar.

“Throughout the years I have encountered people with interesting ideas on Colombia. Some have asked about its location, most have mentioned cocaine, others have asked if we speak Portuguese… Colombian Weekend is an invitation to explore a different face of Colombia.”

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