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Holiday commercials: naughty and nice

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Yes, advertisers use the holiday season to reinforce traditional family stereotypes. They use holiday ads to foster mass consumerism. But they still produce some damn good holiday commercials, or at least ones that make you laugh, for whatever reason. I'm not a shopper, but felt like sharing them with you. Happy 2018! (Photo: public domain)

They might make you laugh; they might make you cry. But they won’t go unnoticed.

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Of visitors and fish: 10 honest trip tips

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Down-to-earth trip tips from a guy who hates conventional travel blogging. https://leipglo.com

Ten things my mother and step-father learned while traveling in Europe – framed like clickbait, but spoken sincerely.

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Top 10 funny travel ads

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The funniest travel ads according to people out there on the web. Enjoy! https://leipglo.com

The long winding road of travel is filled with humor. And humor sells.

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