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I recently attended “Arbeiten in der Stadtverwaltung Leipzig,” a drop-in session on working in Leipzig’s city administration. It was held at Leipzig’s Willkommenszentrum, a first port of call for new residents to the city. 

The centre can help you with essential first steps when you move to Leipzig, or at least point you in the right direction, like for registering as a Leipzig resident, finding housing, applying for a residence permit, arranging health insurance, enrolling a child in a preschool or school, and finding a job

On arrival I waited with others who had gathered in the bright and welcoming room, browsing the various pamphlets on topics as diverse as dealing with discrimination and becoming a volunteer. After a while, I was called over to two friendly staffers from the city’s Personalamt, who asked how they could help me.  

I discussed my considerable experience working in New Zealand’s public sector and how I was keen to apply my skills and experience here in the city’s administration.

Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)
Leipzig architecture. Photo: maeshelle west-davies

The two on the other side of the desk listened carefully and reached for the pamphlet, “Arbeiten bei der Stadt Leipzig.” They began by asking about my qualifications and explained that I may need to get them verified. They said my skills and work experience would be valued and useful in a public-sector role here in Leipzig. Based on my interests, they noted some agencies in which I may wish to consider working. They also pointed out that an internship can be another way of learning about and signalling my interest in a particular area.

I am encouraged that the City of Leipzig is looking to employ people from various countries and backgrounds so that the staff can better reflect the population of the city. The friendly, helpful staff of the centre also reflected the welcome it seeks to provide, and I’ll be using the information I came away with—watch this space!

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Kim Rupp-Gregory, originally from New Zealand, is LeipGlo's news reporter. Kim lived in Leipzig from 2007 to 2013, and during that time passionately created and co-edited Leipzig Zeitgeist, a magazine about Leipzig’s people, places and happenings. She returned to Leipzig in early 2023.

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