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Get real help: migrant advising in Leipzig

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Scene of Augustusplatz in Leipzig
Image by Caro Sodar from Pixabay

“Migrating is heavy business. There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress and systems you don’t understand but have to grapple with. The first thing I teach people I’m mentoring is: always use all of your resources.”

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Take a stand against discrimination in Germany

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Fighting against discrimination
Their #WirSindMehr placard reads: "No place for Nazis." Chemnitz, 3 Sept 2018. (Photo: Patrick Bauer)

The ripples we create from where we are help strengthen the growing wave against discrimination around the world – combating the tide that threatens to sweep away our civil rights and ability to be our authentic selves. #unteilbar #CSD2019 #Leipzig

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Protests surround health ministers’ conference

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Protests during health ministers' conference in Leipzig
Protests near Leipzig city center Wednesday, 5 June 2019. (Photo: Laura Martin)

Led by labor unions, healthcare workers, students and patients are speaking out against issues stemming from the liberalization of healthcare in Germany.

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Opinion: On European elections and German divisions

in Politics
Elections: Analysis on German results
Elections: Analysis on German results

“East Germans are often portrayed as racist naysayers who are unable to look at themselves as the cause of their problems. The history of the GDR is often reduced to the Stasi. The two parties that picked up on these perceptions are DIE LINKE and the AfD, with the latter being far more successful.”

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The dubious delights of online dating in Leipzig

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Online dating - and offline - can be quite tricky, especially in a new country. But our columnist is not about to lose hope.
Online dating, public domain photo

“Send over all your best eligible males, Leipzigers! I have a good feeling that in this lovely city, I might just find my half.”

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“Is there a correct look for an immigrant?”

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Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)
Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

“Someone fleeing war has far more of a right to seek safety in a new place than I do to seek a work visa.”

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