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All we really have is RIGHT NOW

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“Does it sound like it’s all me, me, me in this post? Maybe, since I feel like I’ve lost myself a bit over the past year. I hope it’s also about you, you, you.”

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Parkrun to reach Leipzig in December

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Parkrun, which takes place at parks around the world, is coming to Leipzig on 2 December. (Photo: public domain)

A Saturday morning running event taking place at parks around the world is expected to make Leipzig’s Volkspark Kleinzschocher “the biggest regular sporting hotspot in the whole city.”

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Dr Ruth Pfau: Pakistan loses a mother

in Community/Society by

Pakistan lost one of their own this week – born and raised in Leipzig – but they will never lose her contribution to their lives.

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KKW: “Hybrid Bodies” art engages with the new heart

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Dancers Linnea Gwiazda (left) and Maxine Segalowitz perform live the video art piece by Canadian artist Ingrid Bachmann in which they appear: "The Gift," on the experience of organ transplant recipients, at Hybrid Bodies, KKW, Leipzig. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

Prepare for optical illusion and interactive surprises as you explore different components of the exhibit dealing with heart transplants.

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Reflections on Nietzsche and the Wisdom of the Body

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Our glocal book worm today gives us a body- and mind-exploring, soul-dissecting essay, talking about how he turned to Nietzsche to get through a serious illness connected with his own unresolved intense emotional turmoil.

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