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Get real help: migrant advising in Leipzig

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Scene of Augustusplatz in Leipzig
Image by Caro Sodar from Pixabay

“Migrating is heavy business. There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress and systems you don’t understand but have to grapple with. The first thing I teach people I’m mentoring is: always use all of your resources.”

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“Is there a correct look for an immigrant?”

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Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)
Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

“Someone fleeing war has far more of a right to seek safety in a new place than I do to seek a work visa.”

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Post-Brexit divorce: EU can keep the kids?

in Opinion/Politics
Will we be moving post-Brexit? Photo credit: thomas.kopf on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC

It is still not clear whether Brits will be able to move to another EU country – for example, leaving Germany to take up a new job in Spain – without getting visas and work permits after 2019.

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Who voted for Brexit?

in Opinion/Politics
Photo credit: edwin.bautista via VisualHunt.com / CC BY

Each day I teeter between hope and despair. Is my Britain really a sea of racists? Is that what happened?

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Freed and trapped by a nomad lifestyle

in Culture / Entertainment/Philosophies/Travel
Moroccan salesman encountered at Atlas Mountains, Morocco, January 2010.
Moroccan salesman we encountered on our journey across the Atlas Mountains toward the Sahara Desert, Morocco, January 2010. Photo by A. Ribeiro.

Wanderlust: Is it a matter of nature or nurture? In my travel column this week, I talk a little bit about our collective evolution as wanderers and settlers and my own path as a member of a “transnational tribe” of sorts – which has enriched my existence but brought me its share of heartache and perhaps an irremediable lack of roots. I will also be sharing some of my views on the subject, and more, on Radio Blau’s Continental Subway tonight at 10.

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