Streaming picks – TV and movies for children


We put together some of the best TV and movies that also just happen to be ideal for the younger crowds. No overt darkness or adult themes just the magic of cinema and music waiting for you to stream them.


Who’s afraid of the Black Spider?


Review: The children's opera "The Secret of the Black Spider" is scary enough for the kids without boring the adults.


Leipzig Events: You will find everything you need this week

Need a light, or some warmth?


School Holidays: KINO FINO foreign film festival


The kids have off, so now what? There’s a really exciting foreign film festival called KINO FINO on for kids and teens. At only 4.50€ it’s super cheap and includes a workshop run by a native speaker with each film. Five years ago Eucaris Guillen, who immigrated here from Panama more than 20 years ago,


Leipzig Events: Slam for democracy, poetry and jazz, autumn market, children’s flea market, warm-up for a new cafe… where will you land?

Feeling adventurous? Spin the roulette. Whatever date you land on is a lucky one for you in terms of fun this weekend.