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Foreign movies in English and other original languages playing in #Leipzig (April 6-8)

Leipzig is becoming ever hipper and more cosmopolitan, but the availability of foreign movies in their original language – meaning not dubbed into German and instead often given German subtitles – in cinemas here is still limited. If you’re a movie addict like me, you’d really like to know when and where to find them… right


April 13: “Chicks on Swing” – KrystallPalast Variete #Leipzig

Auf Deutsch: “Lassen Sie sich von dem Alltag entführen und erleben Sie einen berauschenden Abend mit den Chicks on Swing! Sie sind echte Ladies und begeistern durch Charme, Witz und Leichtigkeit. Getrieben von der Sehnsucht, aus ihrem alltäglichen Leben etwas Außergewöhnliches zu machen, fanden drei faszinierende Frauen aus drei Nationen zueinander. Zusammen suchten sie nach


Meeting the elusive Pam de Bahr

Last Saturday, Leipzig-based American artist Maeshelle West-Davies invited me to meet up with her on Eisenbahnstraße. She was touring the neighborhood as part of Leipzig Stadtteilexpeditionen, headed by Diana Wesser. In it, people join up in groups to go around and get to know the different communities in Leipzig, one at a time, talking to locals at stands and


My funnest open mic experience in Leipzig and the Pushkin-inspired poem I read


This past Friday marked the first time in five years (since I moved to Europe) that I read one of my poems in public. It was at the open mic at Poniatowski, a very successful evening that stretched long after magnetic, dynamic emcees Jolanta and Kapuczino left the stage. A few of us stayed on


Poniatowski open mic welcomes diverse languages and styles


“Our Open Mic is an event that takes place at regular intervals at Leipzig venues. It gives everyone the chance to hit the stage – just tag along to read your poetry and stories or perform your music live. And of course you can perform other people’s work as well. “Come join us! “You will


Random poetry I wrote on my phone


They usually come to me in dark but hopeful days. I just open up an app on my phone and write them while lying in bed or hanging out somewhere in Leipzig. Don’t expect a masterpiece or anything. Here are two. For Leipzig you didn’t judge her when she came back to you tail between