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100 Yen Love: from “slob” to boxer in urban jungle

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Tokyo. Public domain photo.

Its anti-heroine is one of the bravest characters I’ve seen in urban-jungle type movies.

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WGT Goth Festival 2016: Picnic in the park

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Simply striking. See for yourself.

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Movie Review: “Hail, Caesar!”

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Any movie by the Coen Brothers is hotly anticipated by movie buffs all over the world, particularly when casting actors of an established guild such as George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson. It’s a mixed bag, though, Ana says.

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StarWars opens today – where to catch it in English in Leipzig

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The force is strong in Leipzig. StarWars: The Force Awakens, finally in theaters Dec. 17th, will be playing in its original English version at both Passage Kinos and Cineplex this movie week, with various showtimes. Here’s the rundown.

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#MoviesOmU: Movies in English and other original language versions in Leipzig, November 25-December 2

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The film festivals featuring films in the original this week take us, respectively, to China (chai.China, put on by the local Confucius Institute and die naTo); France and Latin America for one more day, the 25th of November (21. Französische Filmtage and 6. Latinamerikanische Tage); the world of a legendary French director (Retrospektive Louis Malle at Schaubühne Lindenfels, partly connected to the French film fest); and some of the secrets of the soul (die NaTo’s Mythos Freiheit // 3: SEELE).

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#MoviesOmU: Movies in English and other original foreign languages in Leipzig, November 11-18

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Highlights of our list: The 21st edition of the “French Days” and the new “Kurdish Days” film fests start in town; meanwhile, the 6th edition of the “Latin American Days” film fest continues. Also, for fans of Woody Allen, his latest, Irrational Man, opens this weekend in OmU. And the MLK film Selma returns.

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