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OmU highlights in Leipzig’s cinemas: The Green Knight and Another Round


We are still excited about the movies returning to their rightful cinema screens. To share our excitement, we present you two films screening OmU in Leipzig’s cinemas right now that are perfect examples to reacquaint oneself with the magic of Kino. One with all the color and awe we usually only saw in the bold cinema of the 70s and one so European in its glory that it might as well take place in Leipzig.

The Green Knight

Lush, awe-inspiring vistas and strong, ponderous dialog might be the major takeaways from watching the trailer to David Lowery’s new, bold take on the age-old Arthurian tale Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. However, critics and audiences agree that there is more than visual and lyrical appeal to this new film.

It’s chockful of beauty and weirdness and bold choices.

The choices we sorely miss in today’s big-budget films and can usually only be found in Arthouse cinema with complete creative freedoms.

The Green Knight seems to toe the line between blockbuster and arthouse by managing to look as exciting and entertaining as a Marvel flick while confounding and challenging as much as a Berlinale prize winner. If you have been apprehensive about returning to the cinema, this might just be your entryway back into the hallowed halls of projected film.

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Another Round

Mads Mikkelsen and Thomas Vinterberg unite once again to create cinema magic. Vinterberg’s sense of realism and his unique point of view on the human condition are applied to the special relationship that his fellow Danish folks have with alcohol. We follow Mikkelsen’s teacher Martin and his colleagues who decide to get just a little drunk in their everyday lives and monitor their experience. What starts out as an exciting experiment that jolts the middle-aged teachers out of their middle-class mundanity, soon devolves into various avenues of mistakes, regret, and even tragedy.

Like Denmark, Germany has a, perhaps unhealthily, close relationship to alcohol. So the cultural and social oddities we see in Another Round are not unfamiliar to anyone acquainted with German drinking habits.

What makes Another Round such a great movie is that it never preaches or warns about the dangers of alcohol while also never discounting the very real downsides of imbibing too much or the unhealthy relationship one can form with this drug.

This is perhaps best illustrated in the opening and closing minutes of the film where we see teenagers going crazy with loads of alcohol and nearby adults either encouraging or ignoring their exploits. Another Round does not judge this uniquely questionable tradition but it also does not shy away from the dangers it holds.

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Heiner Uebbing originally hails from rural Lower Saxony and is based in Leipzig. His passion for film dates back to his teenage years, when he started attending film festivals, writing and corresponding about his experiences. You can probably spot him in one of Leipzig’s OmU/OV screenings in the front rows.

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