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Reclaiming one’s German heritage

in Philosophies/Society by

On a personal level, I can now feel the profound healing of knowing and owning my identity, as well as not having any divisions of our homeland coming in between the sides of my family.

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A look into Farage’s nationalistic rhetoric

in Opinion/Politics by
Nigel Farage seems to be drawing upon an outdated and restricted conception of nation and rhetoric implying unity. https://leipglo.com

Purporting unity with “we”, the UKIP leader is doing a proper job in polarising the people he is addressing.

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No flag for me

in Opinion/Sports by

“Everywhere else displaying your flag is normal, but when Germans do it, they call us Nazis,” some flag wavers claim.

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Divisive Nationalism in today’s world

in Opinion/Politics by

Is the unraveling of democracy near? Is there a globalized racism epidemic? Or are people’s fears and prejudices of a different nature?

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