Night out

Smut Slam Returns to Leipzig


Storytime, kids! In November 2016, right after the U.S. presidential election had been called for Trump, I was supposed to be hosting a Smut Slam in North Carolina, in a small liberal city surrounded by a sea of Trump-voting Republicans. Smut Slam, for those of you just finding out, is a community dirty-storytelling open mic.


Getting down with The Dawn Brothers

"If you’re looking to get silly, press play and call your momma / Cos you’ll be stayin’ out late for a swampy revolution." Review and photo gallery: The Dawn Brothers at So&So, Leipzig.


Alcohol – loving dependable partner or treacherous mistress of the night?


In this poem that grabbed me right away when he performed it at the latest open mic at Poniatowski, Stewart Tunnicliff describes the personalities and feel of the many kinds of booze he's romanced (or at least hung out intensely with).