Evelyn Richter: “A Photographer’s Life” in East Germany


Winding up this weekend at the Museum der bildenden Künste (MdbK) in Leipzig is the “Evelyn Richter: A Photographer’s Life” exhibit. From the 1970s, Richter gained widespread recognition as an outstanding humanist documentary photographer of East Germany. Featured in the exhibit, and her friends' multifarious career address the question of how women of their generation


Independence! Photographs from Ukraine, 1991–2022

A review of “Independence! Photographs from Ukraine, 1991–2022,” a current exhibition at Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig.


MdbK: Rauch’s Portrait and Abstraction


Photographer Ludwig Rauch’s exhibition, called “Portrait and Abstraction” is currently on show at the Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig. It opened on Tuesday, 13 October 2022, and runs until 8 January 2023. The show combines photographic portraits of mainly Leipzig-based artists and works in which the artist explores the limits of his medium. The exhibition


Schreberish: a new appreciation for old gardens


Cities are captivating. There is an abundance of activity within them, with a constant commotion and busyness. But this busyness is precisely why cities can be overwhelming and claustrophobic. I’ve lived in multiple cities, but Leipzig is exceptional among them because of its numerous parks and gardens. I was always of the false mindset that


About photographs


Indigo reflects on the unique powers that photographs hold. She shares how these manifested memories can work their way back into your life and the melancholy nature of their inevitable pastness.


Islam and contemporary art at Halle 14

Particularly in the context of Saxony's current political climate, "Forgotten Enlightenments" stands as a statement to the power of inclusion, integration and culture.

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