RB Leipzig

LeipGlo at the DFB-Pokal quarter-finals in Leipzig

LeipGlo's news reporter Kim Rupp-Gregory shares her experience at the DFB-Pokal quarter-final game, RB Leipzig versus Borussia Dortmund.


RB Leipzig: The contentious rise of the controversial club

LeipGlo contributor Adam takes a closer look at the peculiar status and history of Leipzig's biggest and most successful football club, RB Leipzig. What is so different about them and what does success mean for German football in general?


RB Leipzig: good investment or sugar high?


It's "a first division football team artificially created by the investments of some hyper-caffeinated Austrian rich cats." But is that entirely... bad?


The day Leipzig met the Champions League


"Champions League games are particularly peaceful affairs, as alcoholic beverages aren’t sold at the stadium. I didn’t tell my dad, and he drank his 0% beer in blissful ignorance."