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Insider guide to the lakes around Leipzig

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It looks like the weather will remain good for the next couple of weeks… perhaps it is time to do a little exploring.

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Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain, Part I – Barcelona and Zaragoza

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” I was happy to be hanging out alone and simply absorbing things, at my own pace, the key to my friend’s apartment in my purse, being able to come and go as I pleased. During the day I took one very long walk that led me through the gorgeous Parc de la Ciutadella and ancient narrow streets to Mercat de la Boqueria, the latter of which I frantically fled after a mere two and a half minutes, rowing against a torrent of tourists. I took refuge in the metro and immediately went back to Poblenou.”

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Leipzig Events: Vikings, water fest, toboggan race, and gay and lesbian choirs in store for this weekend

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Been fun running these event posts by reader Marjon Borsboom. Many things I probably wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. This weekend, for one, the Vikings are coming to town. But they seem to have become a lot more tame since their erstwhile time of conquests, judging by the plastic swords and helmets and children’s rides at amusement parks. Let me know what you run into during this visit of theirs.

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Where my Facebook friends and I would like you to go this summer in Europe – and why

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“I have managed to put something of a ‘tips’ post together by mentioning my column and asking my Facebook friends: What’s your favorite summer holiday place? Could you describe it in a few words? I turned the answers I got and a few of my own favorites into what comes next… photos and short blurbs.”

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Leipzig Events: Free open-air movie and ice cream at Werk 2 tonight

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The whole shebang (a stop on the “Ben & Jerry’s Movie Nights” tour) starts at 7 p.m. at Werk 2 in Connewitz. The movie showing itself begins when the sun goes down, around 10 p.m. And oh, the movie? (500) Days of Summer.

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Favorite childhood recipe from Greece

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Our glocal culinary columnist today shares the recipe to her favorite dish as a child, associating it with lovely personal memories of nicer summers in Greece: “This dish makes me feel nostalgic not only for my childhood summers but also for the 90’s in Greece… a time of high hopes and expectations about a brighter future that is now lost.”

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