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Poem: Ground Zero

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Loss teaches you so many things. It puts you right at "ground zero." Having to let go of someone you used to love, or still love. Having to make yourself hope for something better, for you and also for them, without really knowing what's in store. It's a matter of survival. Poem at http://leipglo.com.

So often we see ourselves having to simply take that leap of faith – believing that lush summer must be somewhere down the stark road we’ve chosen to take, or been forced to take. It’s a matter of survival.

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Brexit poetry: Please stay

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The Leipzig Glocal has gauged the reaction of British expats in Leipzig to Brexit.

Harald begs Britain to stay.

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Polyglot Open Mic

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It epitomizes and reflects the creative free spirit and tolerance of this city.

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Poem review (and musings): Dear Truman

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Inspired by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro's poem "Dear Truman" posted on this webzine, Christijan Broerse writes a review drawing from works by famous literary figures of the past while reflecting on the state of contemporary life and the pervasiveness of social media, the commodification of personal moments. http://leipglo.com

“The review is interesting in that it becomes a stepping stone to shed light on his contemporary world.”

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Poem: Dear Truman

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Moments that used to be precious only to us are now precious to everyone – and no one. The trend is passed down.

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Poems: the door to the soul?

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What is best when shared? A taxi, food? Words, thoughts, perceptive perspectives. Lito Seizani shares poetic observations with us.

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