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DOK Preview: “My Life as a Zucchini”

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"Ma Vie de Courgette" movie poster.

He makes cities out of his mother’s discarded beer cans. He makes a happy kite out of his father’s abandonment.

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Bosch: “a lot of hell and a little heaven”

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Hieronymus Bosch, "El Bosco" (circa 1450–1516) - Galería online, Museo del Prado

If Leipzig is a city “between heaven and hell” as I wrote, then Hieronymus Bosch could have been its painter.

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100 Yen Love: from “slob” to boxer in urban jungle

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Tokyo. Public domain photo.

Its anti-heroine is one of the bravest characters I’ve seen in urban-jungle type movies.

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DOK Preview: discover DEFA and GDR films

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Vintage camera. (Photo: public domain)

The history of the film studio mirrors that of Germany itself.

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“Captain Fantastic:” a dystopian utopian reality?

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Captain Fantastic official movie poster.

If Alexander Supertramp had lived, he would’ve become “Captain Fantastic.”

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From Cannes to Leipzig at the Filmkunstmesse

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Filmkunstmesse is coming to Leipzig and we give you some of the highlights. http://leipglo.com

Though you may not be able to don a frock and rock the red carpet in Cannes, you can surely get your film festival fix this year.

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