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The Euro sputter Cup

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Euro Cup not living up to expectations - a sputtering start. Commentary http://leipglo.com.

It is troubling that the hooligans are putting more passion into the game than the players themselves.

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Copa America Centenario quarter finals

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Venezuela, a clear underdog, came ahead and sank Uruguay.

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No flag for me

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“Everywhere else displaying your flag is normal, but when Germans do it, they call us Nazis,” some flag wavers claim.

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Cool places to watch the Euro Cup in Leipzig

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Hence, those of you in Leipzig will be able to watch the Euro Cup live on TV in the evening. Here at The Leipzig Glocal, we want to give you a few tips on where you can go out to watch the games and add the social component (and beer!!!) to the beautiful game! http://leipglo.com

Oh la la!!!! The Euro Cup 2016 is starting and The Leipzig Glocal tells you where to watch it.

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A football lover’s wet dream

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The world's most beautiful football: Euro Cup! Copa America! Commentary from http://leipglo.com.

The Copa America Centenario started and the UEFA Euro Cup is coming up! What an amazing time to be alive!!

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Keeping up with the Lions

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The Leipzig Lions prepare to face the league's defending champions, the Rostock Griffins, on May 28th, 2016. http://leipglo.com

The Leipzig Lions will host the defending champs (Rostock Griffins) at the Ratzeldome Stadium on May 28th.

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