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Why football succeeds and handball doesn’t

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Von Steindy (talk) 00:03, 21 January 2010 (UTC) - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9036458

“The reduction of the midfield in handball to something like a racetrack between the goals makes the game resemble a monotonous pendulum.”

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8 things I witnessed while covering the Rio Olympics

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Fast food for athletes, earthquake survivor, Michael Phelps using my pen: just another day covering the Olympics.

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Poem: “Rio gets the Olympics”

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Instead of talking about fears over the Rio Olympics, we visit a poem I wrote full of joy and pride in my gorgeous, trouble-ridden hometown being made host. http://leipglo.com

The announcement that Rio de Janeiro would host the 2016 Olympics represented a happier, more hopeful time than the actual games in this difficult period for the city and Brazil – I’d like to remember it here.

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The Euro Cup’s Best Eleven

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If you could pick your Best Eleven, who would they be? (Euro Cup 2016) http://leipglo.com

Whom would you pick if you had a chance to form your dream football team?

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Why the Euro Cup is like Game of Thrones

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Parallels between the Euro Cup and hit series Game of Thrones. http://leipglo.com

Will you go for the Starks (Germany) or Lannisters (France)? Will the Night King (Cristiano Ronaldo) be able to stave off Daenerys’s Dragons (Wales)?

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The Euro sputter Cup

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Euro Cup not living up to expectations - a sputtering start. Commentary http://leipglo.com.

It is troubling that the hooligans are putting more passion into the game than the players themselves.

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