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My emergency airplane landing

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A positive story involving a difficult situation aboard an airplane in Europe.

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Thought of the day: On traveling differently

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Some years back, when I was living in Wilmington, North Carolina, I decided to take a Saturday Chinese class (confession alert!) because I wanted to meet a certain cute guy I’d seen at a Chinese community party and who I knew must be taking one of the courses. But also a little because I wanted…

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ThrowBack Poetry: “Bohemian lover” and falling in love with Wilmington during my crazy mid-20s

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I’ve just found this poem I wrote circa 2010. I’ve come across it fittingly at the moment I’ve begun falling in love with another city that’s a haven for Bohemians and all kinds of creative and free spirits. Leipzig may be the “new Berlin,” but can it become my new Wilmington (North Carolina), in a mode adapted…

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#Haiku of the day (March 22)

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Raconteur – Simply a vessel/ The world tosses and saves me/ I try to describe

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Poetry from mysterious Irish writer in Leipzig

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Ok, he’s not that much of a mysterious writer if you get to see his picture here. And you can catch him hosting and performing at events around Leipzig, like open mics and literary concerts at Poniatowski the Polish bar and arts hangout. But I still find him mysterious because he doesn’t seem to reveal…

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