Mark your Leipzig arts calendar: Leipzig Book Fair this week

It’s called Leipziger Buchmesse in German, and I can’t believe I’ve never been, to this or any other Leipzig fairs. I mean, Leipzig has been having fairs for 850 years. I need to catch up. I am definitely checking this out in person.

The Leipzig Book Fair is taking place 12-15 March at the Leipziger Messe. There’s too much going on at the fair to try to cover all the highlights on this blog, so I suggest you visit their Web site at – they have an English version, too. Here’s a short teaser from them:

“March in Leipzig is characterised by reading. The Leipzig book fair and its reading festival ‘Leipzig reads’ are the spring events of the book and media sector. Authors, readers and publishing companies meet to collect information, to engage in exchange and discover what is new. Look forward to diving deeply into the diverse Theme areas.”

I hope you follow the teaser and get to the Messe!

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