My jaunt through Milan Cathedral


To celebrate Easter, I have decided to post some photos I recently took at the spectacular Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral). This one stands out among the many European churches I’ve seen during my travels. No wonder; according to its Wikipedia page, “the Gothic cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete,” having had some 80 architects and engineers involved from 1387 to 1988, although its origins are much older (they found a baptistery underground dating back to 335). Also, it happens to be “the 5th-largest church in the world and the largest in Italy.”

I always make it a point to visit churches. Although I am not religious and am appalled by some of the centuries-long (and -old) crimes and abuses of the Catholic Church, I recognize that some of the most beautiful art I’ve had the chance to see has been created to adorn Catholic churches (they sure had the money, the loot and the incentive for brilliant artists). Well, this one left me breathless, and not only because of Milan travel buddy and me climbing the stairs all the way to the roof and walking all around it and then getting slightly lost in the midst of getting whiplash from craning our necks. I hope my 20-photo gallery can give you at least a small glimpse into why.

All photos (c) A. Ribeiro (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

You can find many more photos, taken by actual professionals, here.

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