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May 14, 2015

Leipzig Events: “Culinary construction site reading” at Leipzig north, May 16

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Intrigued by the title of this event-related post? Good. I’ll explain: Maike Steuer is in the process of transforming the site at Georg-Schumann-Str. 206 into an “intercultural cafe by September.” She invites you to come by Saturday, May 16, to check out the place, hang out, eat, chat and listen to some literature. Nice, cosy way to spend a springtime Saturday afternoon…

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“Je suis une fraise, manges moi!”

in Food

I once met a guy who was learning in all possible languages the sentence “I am a strawberry, eat me!” Then when he met people from a specific nationality, he would say it in their language with a perfect accent. He said it was a nice ice breaker. I am not sure how successful it has been. Anyway, I thought of it as a nice title for my first recipe here in this blog.

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