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#EditorDrawer: My past fling with a vampire

Google Images - "sexy male vampire"
Google Images – “sexy male vampire”

So, I’m thinking of performing this poem of mine for the open mic in honor of Wave-Gotik-Treffen, happening Friday evening at Leipzig’s Poniatowski. Somehow I think the poem’s theme of dark passion would be appropriate. If you so desire, check it out yourself here and tell me if you like it. And I hope, if you’re in Leipzig or nearby, that you do make it to the open mic as well. It tends to get quite interesting.

Revived, by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

Slip out of the shadows again.

Surprise me
on my doorstep,
with your airs of Count,
with your manners of hungry calf,

charging into my living room,
heading straight for my neck.



Help yourself
to a taste of my brown flesh,
carve your fangs deeper
where I’m trying to heal a wound–

you had just a sip of my blood,
then left me thirsty for you
to drink more,

left me lifeless, then revived,
with an incantation or two.

I know…

eyes of many incarnations
will look away at
the ghost of some lost maiden,
as I try to gaze into them.

Can’t have your soul but I want to
tattoo goosebumps
onto your pale flesh.

I want you not to forget.

I want your surge to consume me,
to make me immortal
if only for a moment
before you…

slip into the shadows again.

A Global Studies doctoral degree holder and former newspaper reporter, avid eater, pseudo-philosopher and poet, occasion-propelled singer, semi-professional socializer, movie addict, Brazilian-American nomad. In this space, she will share some of her experiences and (mis)adventures regarding various topics, with special attention to social issues.

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