Wish List: Our gift ideas this season

We’ve all been there. Stuck. There’s that one person we have no idea what to give or maybe it’s the office Secret Santa and you don’t even know whom to shop for.  Ana, Jo and I have pitched in to create a wish list to give you some ideas, including one that costs absolutely nothing!


This costs nothing and means so much to the receiver. How many times have you wondered what to read next or what movie to watch or want to listen to some new music? Everybody has, right? So give someone you care about a personalised list based on your tastes and what you think they’d like. It can be as long or as short as you want. It can be just a list or links or a card or something covered in glitter or or or or. The possibilities are endless and it’s something they know you put a lot of thought and effort into.


I must admit one of the best things about shopping is going places I love, but don’t often go! One such place is Pylones on Nikolaistraße. There are so many things I really need there, but here’s my tip because it works for anyone. These glass markers keep people from just taking the one most full and they double as tea bag holders. Like I said, perfect for everyone and only 8.50€ for a set of 5.


Next up and almost across the street is Wohnmacher. You can say a lot with letters and each combination is unique. Here are two of the many choices they have on offer. Pattern painted corrugated metal or vintage look wooden ones… either around 10€ each.

IMG_9030 IMG_9028

And my other favourite place for gifts (for them or me) is the Bilder Museum. I love art books, but they can be incredibly expensive. The gift shop is on your left as you enter and there are two big tables with all the sale items. Many are less than half price and they also have nice children’s books that you won’t find anywhere else. A lot are in several languages, including English.

IMG_9031 IMG_9032

And last, but defo not least, my suggestion is something from the Leipzig Oper. For as little as 5€, you can give a long-lasting experience.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.04.23


Reading Jo’s idea, I got inspired to say: You could make your loved ones mixed CDs with their favorite songs, or Christmas songs, or the soundtrack of your special moments together. And not with mp3’s, but with audio files that can also be played in their car stereo or old boombox in addition to their computer. In this era of YouTube and iTunes, I find this a romantic, old-school idea (well, maybe not so old school, because some people do still buy CDs). You can decorate the CD case to make it more gift-like, add a little booklet with the song names and some pictures, etc. I remember I used to love doing this kind of thing for the special people in my life, but it’s been so long since… maybe I should return to this too. And actually, some of the gifts I remember most were mixed CDs I got long ago; I even still remember some of the songs on them!

Rock me, Santa! Image from Pixabay.com.

I also like the idea of giving or sharing experiences together as a gift. For instance, you could take someone ice-skating at Fexcom Eisarena in Taucha for 4-7€/person. You could also bring someone with you to the Leipzig-area waterpark/spa Sachsen Therme, or give them a gift voucher. They have a wide array of prices depending on what you want the “water and wellness” experience to be like, but you can pay as low as 8-10€/person, to spend 2 hours there.

If you feel you want or can spend a bit more money, you could give or bring someone along on a daytrip to Tropical Islands, Berlin’s water resort, for 28,50-44€/person, or free for children under 5. If you don’t have a car, add at least 16€/person for the 2,5-hour-roundtrip on MeinFernBus, cheaper than trains. And if you can spend even a bit more and feel like getting away from Leipzig for a few days with a loved one, or giving them the opportunity to do so, you can check out Ryanair’s budget-sensitive deals – for instance, Leipzig-London for 20€…

“On the Beach – Split – Croatia 02” by Adam Jones Adam63 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

And of course, you could give any of these gifts to yourself… or go on a holiday escapade by yourself. Or take yourself out to dinner or to a show. See what Groupon has on offer, for instance. Why not indulge a little? Be your own Santa Claus! 😉

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