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Walking through the Peaceful Revolution

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Candles are used each year in the Peaceful Revolution celebrations in Leipzig. (Public domain photo)

“The Leipzig ’89 walking tour, which includes a series of informational signs [out in the city] and an accompanying app, offers an enjoyable and immersive way to learn about this special past.”

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Im Traum wohnt ein Pferd: zum Werk Tobia Königs

in Arts/Philosophies by

Our first article series in German, by Nils Müller, continues by giving us a glimpse into the world of a second local artist. Teil 2: “Die feiernde Farbigkeit verstärkt noch die Fassaden, indem sie uns eine heile Welt ausfüllen will.”

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Bridges of (Com)passion: Canada in Leipzig

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Bi-cultural seesaw: How do Canadian and German cultures compare, in the eyes of a Leipzig-based Canadian with Anglo-German background?

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Sacred Games: a “spider net” from India

in Culture / Entertainment/TV by
Sacred Games is the new "spider net" by Netflix, capturing Indians and other international audiences. (Photo: public domain)

Netflix is spreading its reach all over the world. The digital giant now enters the Indian market full-on with its first Indian original, the ensnaring thriller “Sacred Games.” Here’s an enthusiastic review from a Leipzig-based filmmaker.

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Questioning the “higher female calling”

in Dance by
Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi. Photo courtesy of Lofft

In 1.7, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi shows us the broken child, she shows us the broken vessel, which she is gluing piece by piece with molten gold. #LOFFT #Leipzig

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Confusing, intriguing, surprising Minsk

in Society/Travel by
Minsk, Belarus. (Photo: public domain)

“It surpassed all my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone for a city break, not even just to a communist history geek like myself.”

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