#LeckerLeipzig: Stoned?

Last Wednesday I tried the RocknRoll Küche at Stoned. I’ve been vegetarian for so long that I haven’t even thought about gravy longer than I can remember, but there it was, smelling good and tasting better! And it was vegan! I had breaded cutlet with a mushroom gravy, potatoes and a cucumber salad. It was like old school home cooking with none of the prep or clean up. Each week there is another dish on offer so you don’t get bored. It could be bangers and mash or, like tomorrow, a traditional Northern German combo: Grünkohl mit Pinkel. It’s non-smoking from 6-8 and special cocktails are 3.50 all night. Last week I had a little Californian number with vodka, lemon and guava juice. Yum!

grühnkohl and pinkel, creative commons

And, of course, there are other things to do at Stoned. They are your neighbourhood bar with live music, friendly people and various activities on all the time. Keep up on their Facebook page.

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