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Refguees Welcome: YOU can help

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The latest NEEDS list from Refugee Donation Central:



Shaving cream, disposable razors, brushes, combs, deodorant, shampoo, washing powder, diapers, sanitary napkins (for hygienic reasons, only new goods)

Underwear for Women, Children and Men (for hygienic reasons, only new goods)
Closed shoes from size 35 for women, men and young people (clean, portable, heal)
Winter jackets for teens (from Gr. 146) (washed, clean, portable, no rags)
Flip-flops for the bathroom – for men, children, women (clean and in good condition)
Outside toys such as scooters, children’s bikes, badminton, balls, Viking chess, etc.
(intact, functional and ready to use)
School supplies: pencils, pens, pen, writing and coloring books, pencil cases, painting materials (intact, usable)
Prams, buggies
(intact, clean and ready for use)
Winter jackets for women (washed, clean, no rags)

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BTW: they have enough stuffed animals, indoor games and toys and summer clothing

No way to get your donation there? CALL TIMMI



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