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March 2016

Creativity: Solace for the Soul

in Philosophies
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    Fox & Chick - one of the drawings made in our author's current breakup period. Copyright Stewart Tunnicliff.
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“I really have come to realise the benefits of art during turbulent times.”

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Opinion: Why we are responsible for Brussels

in Glocal/Opinion/Politics

“It is an obvious problem that those feeling ostracised by society turn into suicidal assassins.”

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Shameless: real, raw and often raunchy

in Culture / Entertainment/Stage
Liliana Velasquez (AKA) Alicia La Mandarina, photo Sven Hagolani
Liliana Velasquez (AKA) Alicia La Mandarina, photo Sven Hagolani

“‘Con confianza y Sin Verguenza’- I have always walked with my head high surrounded by misfits, free thinkers and healers. I believe this is what has lead me to the city of Leipzig.”

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Poem: “Easter in Wilmington”

in Poetry/Travel

A sun-kissed Easter poem for you – from once upon a time in a city I loved.

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Movie Review: “Hail, Caesar!”

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies/Reviews

Any movie by the Coen Brothers is hotly anticipated by movie buffs all over the world, particularly when casting actors of an established guild such as George Clooney and Scarlett Johansson. It’s a mixed bag, though, Ana says.

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Lecker Leipzig: Dutch Apple Pie for Easter, anyone?

in Food/Lifestyle

We tried it and loved it.

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