Lecker Leipzig: Dutch Apple Pie for Easter, anyone?

Dutch apple pie with caramel and ice cream. Yum! Photo and recipe by Marjon Borsboom.

When we asked Marjon Borsboom to give us a recipe for the Easter holiday, the first thing that popped into her mind was one of her proudest specialties – Dutch apple pie. Although traditionally an autumn dish, it can be thoroughly enjoyed in any season (we tried her version in winter and loved it), and can be a nice surprise to offer your loved ones or an occasion to bake together.


BAKING TIME: 1 ¼ hour on 175⁰



300 g flour

200 g cold butter or margarine

100 g castor sugar or very fine sugar

a pinch of salt

one egg (whisked)


1 kg apples (not too juicy, buy Boskoop if available)

100 g raisins (washed) or 50/50 raisins and dried cranberries

50 g very fine sugar

1 sachet of vanilla flavoured sugar

½ teaspoon of cinnamon

50 g almonds, chopped and peeled (optional)

the zest of one lemon (optional)

Dutch apple pie before baking. Photo by Marjon Borsboom.


Butter a spring cake tin (24 cm Ø) and lightly dust it with flour or icing sugar. Preheat your oven at 175⁰C (160⁰ fan assisted).

Sieve flour and sugar into a large bowl. Chop butter in cubes and add. Also add ¾ of the whisked egg. Use cool hands to knead consistent dough. Press ¾ of this dough into the spring cake tin, also up the sides. Now all dough needs to rest in a cool place. If you choose the fridge, cover with cling film.

Peel the apples, cut into quarters, remove the cores and slice thinly into a bowl. Add the raisins, (vanilla) sugar and cinnamon and mix with a spoon. Almonds and/or lemon zest are optional additions. TIP: if you add some vanilla custard powder, it will absorb excess liquid from the apples (or sprinkle a thin layer on the bottom of the dough in the tin).

Now put the apple mixture in the tin and lightly press with the palm of your hand. Roll long strips of the remaining dough and place them crosswise on top of the apple mixture. Press the strips flat, egg-wash them with a brush. Bake your pie on a grid in the middle of the oven for 1 – 1 ¼ h. If necessary, carefully drain off excess liquid and allow the pie to cool off in the tin, on a grid.

Serve with whipped cream and/or a scoop of vanilla ice cream (also caramel sauce is recommended).


Dutch apple pie fresh outta the oven! Photo by Marjon Borsboom.

Marjon is Dutch and came to Leipzig in August 2013 with her family, because her husband got a job in the area. At the time she still had her own copywriting company, producing Dutch texts for websites, press releases, brochures, etc. She is an avid social media user and a passionate (digital) networker. Marjon has a degree in tourism management, which partially explains why she is always on the look-out for interesting Leipzig events and attractions.

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