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I got a message from a friend yesterday. I live in the east and she lives in the west, so when she’s in centre and has  a little time, she shoots me a message. Luckily I was free just in time. We met at TK Maxx. She needed a  make-up bag for an upcoming trip. She only wanted to take a carry-on, so the bag had to be big enough to hold everything and small enough so she could also take enough clothes for 10 days. I rarely go shopping these days. It was nice for both of us to do some retail therapy.

Having worked up an appetite and feeling pumped from our bargain hunting, we set off in search of food. We made it to Market Square where there was a wine festival.

Beatiful day to chill at Weinfest, photo by Candace Goodrich
Beatiful day to chill at Weinfest, photo by Candace Goodrich

Of course we stopped, but with so many choices, how were we to decide what to drink? We thought we’d have a look around. We got to the first stand and they were so nice and let us sample the 3 white wines on offer. In the end we settled on what the guy from the Lawall Winery had suggested, the Riesling. It was a hard decision. They were all very lovely and quite different, but we felt the others a little too sweet for our mood. I could imagine them with some cut fruit.

You’d expect the wine to be expensive, but you’d be wrong. I had to double check I had heard correctly when he said it was 4€ for both our wines together. We had paid the 1€ deposit on our first glass.

We sat at a long table covered in green plastic and enjoyed our wine. In the background a singer jazzed up some covers, although I found it weird when she started singing “Cocaine”. This is something only experienced in Europe. It almost felt like being on vacation. There we were, just relaxing and talking and not a soul we knew in sight! We’ve been friends for several years, but we can always find something new to talk about.

We decided this summer we’re going on a bike tour of German wineries. Anyone have suggestions?

Weinfest opened yesterday and runs through Sunday and has music every day. 17 winemakers from the eight German wine regions and Hungary offer a selection of over 200 different wines and sparkling wines, grape juice, grape liqueur, wine vinegar, wine accessories and more.

7.00-10: “Salon Pernod” – Mediteranean

5.00-7.00: Elly Lapp – 20s and 30s, blues, jazz, musicals, chanson and pop
8.00-10.00: “MRB-live” Die Music-Rivival-Band – party cover band

2.00-5.00:  Frischluftprojekt”
6.00-8.00: Vivienne Leis & Tino Taubert

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