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Ever since I fell in love with Australia, I am constantly on the lookout for stuff about or from Down Under. In the winter of 2014-15, I read some Facebook posts from an Aussie bloke, hard at work in his soon-to-open bar and restaurant in Leipzig. That immediately got my attention! I asked myself,

“Who is this guy?”

His name is Paul Berry. He is too modest to tell you all about his past, so I Googled him for you. He travelled the world and the seven seas, cooking for the rich and famous as a private chef on yachts. He traded a life filled with celebs (e.g. Lenny Kravitz and Hillary Clinton) for a steady life in Leipzig, so he could be with his little girl. And for his second lovechild, B10 Wine Bar & Restaurant, he settled on our very own Number 10, at Beethovenstraβe.

From the very first visit in the early spring of 2015, I was a fan. I fell in love with the nice staff, which is mostly bilingual and very handsome. And I also immediately liked the sleek interior. It doesn’t draw attention away from the food… unlike the artwork! There is one prominent feature at B10: Warholsy pop art pieces, mainly of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un. These and other icon-gimmicks are all designed by one of Paul’s Australian relatives, a graphic designer. I like his kind of creativity. And so do Paul’s customers. After two of them shot photos holding the B10 business card with Kim’s face covering their face, they started a new trend. They now even have a photo contest happening on the B10 Facebook page.

screenshot b10 fb
Kim Jong-Un face photo contest. Screenshot from B10 Facebook page.

But one can’t win me over with just a big city vibe and cute waiters. You need to feed me good food! I really like their fusion style menu. It is very different from any restaurant in Leipzig that I know. At B10 it is not about quantity, but about quality. Every dish is zingy, fresh and pure. Paul once told me that he would rather have no fish of the day than serve something mediocre. Also the choice of wines shows he cares more about the palate than the pocket. I have tasted some breathtaking combos of food and wine.

I can’t wait for the weather to improve and the Freisitz to re-appear. Also, they will be open for lunch again soon. Ah! Catching the first rays of sun, eating a cripy Caesar salad, a G&T in my hand. What more does a girl want? Pure bliss! Right? If only I were a rich girl, because I can’t afford to go there as much as I would like. The B10 price range is above Leipzig average. But whenever I feel like celebrating life, I love spending some time there. Also just for drinks. Like every first Thursday of the month, when it’s gin club time from 9pm. So when you feel like something special, when trendy Berlin or any other metropolis just isn’t an option, try hitting the B10.


Marjon is Dutch and came to Leipzig in August 2013 with her family, because her husband got a job in the area. At the time she still had her own copywriting company, producing Dutch texts for websites, press releases, brochures, etc. She is an avid social media user and a passionate (digital) networker. Marjon has a degree in tourism management, which partially explains why she is always on the look-out for interesting Leipzig events and attractions.

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