Moroccan Spiced Vegetable Stew with Bärlauch Chermoula

Angela Kim aka shortblackcoffee shares first recipe for LeipGlo: Moroccan Spiced Vegetable Stew with Bärlauch Chermoula
She will also include specific grocery shopping tips for Leipzig and other helpful info.


9 local Leipzig foods not to miss – beyond Allerlei


LeipGlo team member and native Leipziger Lisa Renner lists off some of the tastiest and most interesting Leipzig specialties.


Out of lockdown: 5 bars where to reconnect with Leipzig

With the lockdown easing up, Leipzig's gastronomy sorely needs customers as it tentatively reawakens. Local tour guide Dirk walks you thru some of his favorite bars across the city to get you back into the Kneipenkultur.


LeipGlo Team’s top eateries to try in 2020


You may want to bookmark this one! #Leipzig #Yummy #International #Restaurant #List


5 cocktails to spice up your Christmas spirit

"This list compiles the cocktails which always increase my Christmas spirit and are a welcome change from your typical Glühwein. Enjoy drinking them responsibly and allow yourself to feel like a child waiting for Santa again!"


Pop goes the bibimbap: where to find it in Leipzig


Try out your new (or already beloved) favorite Korean dish, bibimbap, at two restaurants in Leipzig.

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