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Friday is hot in the east.

by maeshelle

Resilience. Secret Life of Plants, Animals and Other Species

17 Mar Resilience. Secret Life of Plants, Animals and Other Species@  Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen

with Ieva Balode, Karolina Grzywnowicz, Žilvinas Landzbergas, Laura Prikule, Kaspars Lielgalvis, Andris Indāns

curated by Inga Lāce

“Greeks [..] go much further back, to the immemorial intelligence displayed in the tricks and imitations of plants and fishes. From the depths of the ocean to the streets of modern megapolises, there is a continuity and permanence in these tactics.” (M. de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life, 1984)

The exhibition “Resilience. Secret Life of Plants, Animals and Other Species” derives from an interest in plants and animals as a metaphor for certain patterns in human behaviour currently and historically, as well as an occasional desire to plant oneself in a flowerbed.

Focussing on the idea of resilience as one of the characteristics inherent for many plant and animal species along with tactics like camouflage and tricks, the exhibition strives to highlight examples of contexts where adaptation has become a necessary tool. This kind of adaptation could be attributed to societies of the Eastern Europe during the Soviet Union and the transition processes in the nineties, as well as in a broader geographical and temporal area – in societies that meet violence, radicalism and other forms of oppression.

Meanwhile as entangled as the present moment may seem a suggestion also comes through plants – considering the “plant-thinking” or thinking through and within plants appears as an open possibility that my direct thinking towards a non-linear, diagonal ways that take diversity and manifold positions into account.

Image: Ieva Balode, part of the series “Invisible images”

supported by LCCA- Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art Riga and Kulturamt Leipzig

oder un

18 Mar oder und ohneRAUM WEISZ

Lisa Kottkamp, Halle

Catherine Sanke, Wein

Lucia Rux, Leipzig


18 Mar Julia Santoli. Everywhere is ground as an ocean hereHelmut

“Everywhere is ground as an ocean here” is a sonic-sculptural installation by Julia Santoli. Metal fronds sing vibrational shivers into bloom, alongside floating discs with thunderous potential. Sound performance at 9pm.

russian pav

19 Mar ►Situation Room, the book: panel discussion GfZK

In 2014 the artist collective Situation Room realized six site-specific, large-scale installations, one per week, thus creating a constant spacial flux in the foyer of the former Soviet Pavilion at the Alte Messe Leipzig. To what extent can a publication on a past installation provide information? How can the book be an independent art work in and of itself? What kind of space is a book actually? These are the topics up for discussion by the panel consisting of author Lisa Kreißler and graphic designer Leila Tabassomi and the Situation Room artist collective.

part of Intiative Wort ind Bild

8.00 (German)


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Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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