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I wrote this on the eve of Ascension Day, when – since we live in the East-German diaspora – people turn a blind eye to Christ’s ascension into heaven. Alas, to add insult to injury, you see men flocking to parks in hordes, cycling and canoeing in Leipzig’s parks to indulge in the pagan rite of celebrating themselves. It’s Men’s Day! And since men tend to be creatures of simple pleasures, all they have in mind is wallowing in vice (beer) and glutenous piggery (pork sausages). We grilled Marjon Borsboom, to sound out the do’s and don’ts for a barbecue.

What’s allowed?

Barbecuing is not prohibited as such, but you can’t just put your cart grill on the next pitch of grass (which will result in a fine).

Where is BBQing safe?

There are three established barbecue areas in:

  • Marienweg, Rosental near the watchtower
  • Friesenstraße behind the sports ground of Sportplatz SV Leipzig West
  • Nonnenweg / Anton-Bruckner-Allee on the premises of “Zentrum für Gesundheitssport”

Good news! 5 new areas have just been granted permission to do barbecue:

What do I need to bear in mind?

Leipzig’s Police Ordinance states that you are not to disturb the recreational function in public parks, and that you need to refrain from any activity that could potentially harm these or anyone about. This includes barbecue grills left lying on the ground. However, you may bring your own fully functional barbecue grill as long as it is reasonably adjusted not to get in touch with the ground. Don’t leave your barbecue grill as it may damage the grass.

What’s forbidden?

You are not allowed to barbecue under trees or near the woods. The same applies to designated fields for dog-walking and flower beds, etc. Be sure not to damage the greenery. Don’t start a fire unless you are in one of the designated BBQ areas (mentioned above).

Where does the rubbish go?

The City of Leipzig has provided containers in certain places, e.g. in Johannapark and Clara-Zetkin-Park. In case these should be full, there are public rubbish bins everywhere that are cleared out regularly. No harm in taking your litter home either.

Can I bring a guitar?

Yes, please. Making music in parks is allowed between 6am and 10pm. Please refrain from musical activities in the dead of night.

How about a barbecue at the lake?

NO, not allowed!

It is not permitted to barbecue at Cospudener See, Markleeberger See or any of the other lakes in or around Leipzig. If you absolutely must grill at a lake, you can rent the BBQ space provided by a company called All-on-Sea at Markkleeberger See.

Enjoy the sausages, and let us know what you think of Men’s Day and/or the Leipzig grill experience!

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