Elia García Cañabate, founder of International Leipzig. Photo courtesy of Elia García Cañabate
Elia García Cañabate, founder of International Leipzig. Photo courtesy of Elia García Cañabate

Leipzig International Job Fair: talent meets opportunity


In a Leipzig known for its dynamic blend of history and innovation, a thrilling chapter is being written to cater to the city’s growing international community and local businesses. The Leipzig International Job Fair, drawing inspiration from the success of The Leipzig Glocal’s own past initiatives, is set to make its debut as an independent event on 17 April 2024. It focuses on bridging the gap between international talent and the opportunities emerging in Leipzig and surroundings, as new industries emerge and the population ages out of the job market.

Elia García Cañabate at the fourth Leipzig Glocal Job Fair held on 17 October 2023 at Werk 2. Photo by David Simon

Taking place at the historic Westbad Leipzig in Lindenau from 2 to 8pm this Wednesday, the Leipzig International Job Fair will welcome hundreds of job-seekers and a variety of companies and institutions from the Leipzig area.

The fair caters to people with an international background and/or mindset seeking job opportunities locally and companies actively looking to diversify their talent pool. Attendees can expect a diverse range of exhibitors from different sectors, providing insights into multiple jobs and career paths opening up in Leipzig. The dynamic environment will also be bustling with networking, workshops, and keynote speeches focusing on relevant topics such as digital competitiveness and artificial intelligence (AI).

As explained by Elia García Cañabate, founder of International Leipzig, the job fair organizer:

It’s a significant event because it addresses the growing demand for skilled labor in Leipzig while acknowledging the challenges international workers face in accessing, working, and integrating into the German job market.

The lineup of experts at the fair includes Prof. Amna Asif (Lancaster University Leipzig), who will talk about the transformative shift in AI from model-centric to data-centric approaches; and Prof. Sophia Lux (iba University), who will explore strategies for engaging Generation Z in the workforce, highlighting the need for businesses to adopt sustainable and inclusive practices. Sebastian Herz (Zignify Global Product Sourcing) will offer insights into leveraging language proficiency for success in e-commerce, while self-employed consultant Rebecca Ullmann will provide practical tips for crafting an effective LinkedIn profile to attract potential employers.

Last but not least, the American serial founder Deborah Hey will share her inspiring journey as an international entrepreneur in Germany, motivating others to pursue their dreams persistently. One of the highlights on this path is her founding of a destination resort for motorcycle tourism and aspiring entrepreneurs in an old castle in East Germany (Schloss Mutzschen).

Alongside the exhibits, these talks will equip attendees with valuable knowledge and skills for thriving in a dynamic job market.

The following are the exhibitors you can expect to see at the job fair:

  • Leben la Vida
  • International Leipzig
  • Lancaster Universty
  • Hörmann Group
  • Schloss Mutzschen
  • Sprache und Wirtschaft
  • Daria Schneider
  • Metronom
  • Career Service Uni Leipzig
  • Internations
  • EBC (Easy Business Club)
  • ETS Global
  • DevHaus
  • TK (Die Techniker)
  • Arbeit und Leben
  • YourBestWater
  • Brasilherore
  • Heimann Servicekompetenz
  • Fischer Drückerei
  • Smile – Gründungsinitiative Uni Leipzig
  • Referat für Migration und Integration

The Leipzig International Job Fair is more than an event; it’s a testament to Leipzig’s commitment to becoming a more inclusive, welcoming, thriving city. It offers a unique platform for internationals to connect with potential employers and field experts and for companies to find the talent they need to succeed.

Participation is free for visitors, but registration is required to manage the flow and ensure a smooth experience.

Attendees should register for the Leipzig International Job Fair via Eventbrite, and any inquiries should be directed to Elia García Cañabate at contact@internationalleipzig.de.

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