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July 16, 2016

When the queer and refugee struggles meet

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Homo-, inter- and transphobia have poisoned our communities through deeply digging its trenches into structures and institutions. Our response to this cannot be narrow-minded and racialized, but has to be a thorough and bold stance against discrimination as a whole. "When queer and refugee issues meet" (https://leipglo.com)
Anarcho-queer collective Mashpritzot hold a "die-in" protest against Israeli pinkwashing and the perceived homonormative priorities of the LGBT support centre in Tel Aviv. By TMagen - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

Prejudice against queer communities is not installed in certain cultures and foreign to others, but a global power structure.

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Pokemon GO spreads its tentacles to Germany

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Pokemon Go is the latest tech mania and has arrived in Germany and Europe in general. Read about it here. https://leipglo.com
Pokemon Go is the latest tech mania - going global. Photo from news.entertainmentearth.com.

How much responsibility should we, as a society, expect from the tech giants, since they have the power to steer what we see and use, and even what we like and think we need? How much responsibility rests on Pokemon GO’s users?

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