Fashionzig: heat up your autumn with burgundy

For some of us, autumn is a dead end. It’s a sad reminder of the fact that summer is gone, that soon we will have to drink hot tea, wear thick cardigans and cuddle up under a blanket. Then there are people like me. Those who instantly think of Halloween, colourful leaves in a park, Salted Caramel Latte and, most of all, the “holy grail” of lipsticks: burgundy.

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Burgundy for autumn boldness. (Photo found by Lenka Seresova)
Burgundy for autumn boldness. (Photo found by Lenka Seresova)

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Yes, the time has come again. Summer’s favourite pastel shades are pushed to the back of the wardrobe and the stage is left for autumn’s richest colour. The hot, spicy shade of wine known as burgundy is often considered a formalwear favourite. But in its versatility, it also becomes a staple casualwear in the cooler months to come.

Of course, it all began with wine.

Bourgogne (or Burgundy) is the name of a part of France famous for wine production. Just like the best wine, the fashionable colour is a dark, rich shade of red that represents not only elegance, but also courage and passion. (Unlike in the past when shades of red symbolized sin and maleficence, hence The Scarlet Letter).

The power of the colour goes well with the character of the cooler months, and today’s fashion experts call it “the new black.” It can be easily combined with almost every shade without looking too boring. The right choice of colours works magic; one can conjure up beautiful outfits that look nice and cosy, yet still bear those last beams of summer sun.

If you think burgundy red is too much, you can still make the best of it by wearing accessories in this shade. Bags, heels, belts, hats or Oxford-style boots in burgundy have become autumn staples having a say in stores year after year.

But that’s not all. Rocking burgundy red is not just a privilege of fashion wear anymore. The bold shade also plays an important role in the beauty industry: inky plum, deep burgundy, or straight-up black with burgundy highlights. Although these shades of lipstick or eyeshadow won’t keep you warm as a cardigan would do, they will look bomb for sure; no matter if they are matte, glossy or sprinkled with glitter.

Happy for us, cosmetics companies are engaged in a fight over who will be the first to produce the perfect shade of burgundy lipstick with the most creative name.

And when speaking about fashion and beauty, why should we stay away from hair trends? Burgundy is often used for hair dyeing in almost every hair type; doesn’t matter if you are a brunette, blonde, even a redhead. Classic, oxblood, vivid or dark, mysterious or bold – which one to choose? Well, I can’t tell you that but I am sure a good hairdresser would tell you what suits you best.

Wearing bold shades (and that burgundy is for sure) can sometimes be quite intimidating. But once you try it, you’ll realise it’s easier than you think. And to top it up, it looks real cool and can add a huge load of confidence; you only have to find out which options match your style.

Burgundy: the holy grail of lipsticks? (Photo found by Lenka Seresova)

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