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Work it: carrying Zumba everywhere

in Glocal/Sports by
A Zumba playlist to carry on your travels - or across your living room. https://leipglo.com

A super fun Zumba playlist to take with you – on your travels or across your own living room floor.

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Body confidence – loving what you have

in Lifestyle/Philosophies by

It’s your body. Wear it proudly.

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Beauty vloggers: more than meets the eye?

in Lifestyle/Opinion/Society by
Beauty vloggers are the power behind the fashion industry, when before it used to be established celebrities. How genuine can they remain? https://leipglo.com

They started out as hobby video bloggers and are now the young power propelling the beauty industry. How genuine can they remain?

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Fashionzig: heat up your autumn with burgundy

in Lifestyle by
Burgundy marigold.

Just like wine, the fashionable colour is a dark, rich shade of red that represents not only elegance, but also courage and passion.

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Fashionzig: 5 basic tips for your ideal style

in Lifestyle by
Lenka Seresova, who writes about fashion, style, beauty. https://leipglo.com

At the end of the day, it is all about trial and error and seeing what works for you and what you feel fierce and confident in.

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