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Born and raised in the humbled but multi-cultural working class city of St. Catharines, Canada (near Niagara Falls), Christijan Broerse grew up in an environment of languages. In 2012, he traveled throughout Europe and seeing no other place more beautiful than Leipzig, he moved here two years later. Christijan is comfortable in prose and in poetry. He is also known to craft the occasional tune.

Cordoba-inspired travel poetry

in Arts/Philosophies/Poetry/Travel
Travel guide, poetry, prose, inspired by Cordoba.
"Puente romano y mezquita" by shaorang - Flickr: Puente romano y mezquita. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Journey through Córdoba, Spain Рan ancient city that has stayed close to his heart in its hybridity, faded glory and simple pleasures.

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Review: “Housebound”

in Arts/Movies
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Not your typical slasher flick – although there is indeed¬†some slashing. Not your typical horror flick – although you’ll probably be jumping in your seat a few times. Not your typical comedy, either. So what’s the New Zealand cinematic production “Housebound” like? Today’s guest¬†reviewer, Leipzig-based writer¬†Christijan Robert Broerse,¬†tells us why the movie’s dark humor and…

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“The Emperor’s Bridge”

in Philosophies/Poetry

So it’s¬†April Fools Day. I was thinking what to post today; preferably something silly and comical, no? Perhaps some e-cards, but they’re all over the Internet anyway. And I’m not in the mood to play along. Not finding any kinds of lies or joking lies or jokes about lies funny at the moment, as you…

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