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Born and raised in the humbled but multi-cultural working class city of St. Catharines, Canada (near Niagara Falls), Christijan Broerse grew up in an environment of languages. In 2012, he traveled throughout Europe and seeing no other place more beautiful than Leipzig, he moved here two years later. Christijan is comfortable in prose and in poetry. He is also known to craft the occasional tune.

Reflections on Nietzsche and the Wisdom of the Body

in Literature/Philosophies
Public domain image

Our glocal book worm today gives us a body- and mind-exploring, soul-dissecting essay, talking about how he turned to Nietzsche to get through a serious illness connected with his own unresolved intense emotional turmoil.

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Plagwitz: a kind of correspondence

in Cityscapes/Leipzig
Westwerk in Plagwitz photo by A. KLIUSHNYK

There is an old Jewish proverb I love: “We don’t see things as they are but as we are.”

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An appreciation of words from other languages

in Literature
No planes, no ships needed – the world cruise can be undertaken in four days, on foot, by bike, by tram to the Leipzig Book Fair.

Our literature- and history-loving columnist today on LeipGlo reveals his favorite words in foreign languages, and how they evoke literary classics in his mind and some of the most basic and central feelings in his life.

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A recovering “White Knight” reinterprets Keats

in Literature
Circe, a Greek mythological figure
"Dosso Dossi, Circe and her Lovers (in a Landscape)" by Dosso Dossi - Own work, Henry Townsend. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Our literature columnist today adds literary, philosophical and psychological depth to the “White Knight Syndrome” in relationships, or the need to rescue a troublesome (potential) partner, drawing from a Keats poem, mythology and a plethora of femme fatales, and personal experience and interpretation.

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Reflections on Sleep Made Sullen

in Literature/Travel
Photo via Visualhunt

For some reason, I understood and yet didn’t understand what was spoken because in the dream I began to cry.

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Rejection’s ramifications

in Dating/Poetry
Rejection is rejection. Photo credit: Emilien ETIENNE via / CC BY

In rejection, we not only feel hurt but it seems more than that.

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