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Gentrification: the death of Karl Heine?

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We saw the trophy girlfriends and the tight, white t-shirts of Audi owners who were now parking on the street.

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Poem review (and musings): Dear Truman

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Inspired by Ana Beatriz Ribeiro's poem "Dear Truman" posted on this webzine, Christijan Broerse writes a review drawing from works by famous literary figures of the past while reflecting on the state of contemporary life and the pervasiveness of social media, the commodification of personal moments. https://leipglo.com

“The review is interesting in that it becomes a stepping stone to shed light on his contemporary world.”

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Of visitors and fish: 10 honest trip tips

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Down-to-earth trip tips from a guy who hates conventional travel blogging. https://leipglo.com

Ten things my mother and step-father learned while traveling in Europe – framed like clickbait, but spoken sincerely.

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Me and Anna Luise – Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

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It felt good to have a banjo in my hands. I believe the last time I held one was back in 2010 when borrowing from my father’s friend.

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Strong Ladies on DVD

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sometimes we are stronger than we think

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Estrangement – Grieving For Those Still ‘There’

in Philosophies by

“I rest on the pillow in the grey morning light with the bitter knowledge I have come back to myself but my brother never will.”

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