Doctor Amorous

Are you troubled, in trouble, having trouble, making trouble? Dr. Amorous will help you out. She is a scientist of sexuality, a reader of relationships, a lector of love, the boss of behavior and the doom of dysfunction. Whether you are straight, queer, kinky or traditional, Dr. Amorous will push her glasses up her nose and rumple her lab coat, just for you.

Dr. Amorous: “Your girlfriend is a jerk”

"You are actively making the world a worse place by staying with her and pretending that abusive and dysfunctional garbage is normal."


Dr. Amorous: disillusioned as a hetero woman

"Nobody had to generate rules and norms and media and traditions to make me want to eat or to eat food and not clothes. But there are constant efforts afoot in our culture to make me believe I should want men and want them to like me: the vast majority of textual and visual culture,


Dr. Amorous: How to get in and out with a guy

"Heterosexual men in general do not appreciate the feeling of exposure and vulnerability that being approached produces." Agree? Disagree? Wanna send your own question to Dr. Amorous?


Dr. Amorous: boyfriend is a total scrub

"Why haven't your girlfriends driven up to your place with a van already and busted you out of that sad scene?"


Dr. Amorous: long-distance relationship?

"I have seen couples survive two or three years apart, and I have seen couples crash and burn after only a few months. So let's think about what makes the difference."


Dr. Amorous: tackling dick problems


Some practical tips to get you back up in your life between the sheets, or spice it up. (So many puns, so little time.)