Jessica Fayer

Jessica is a psychologist, writer, and relationship therapist.
She has two specializations (Politics and Mental Health) and a Master's degree in Medicine. She is interested in issues around immigration, binational relationships, as well as Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Emotional Intelligence. She gives online sessions, workshops and lectures, as well as publishing content on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

When love crosses borders


What happens when love crosses borders? In psychology, we often use the term “binational relationships” to refer to relationships between two people of different nationalities. There are several wonderful and interesting aspects to having a binational relationship. Not least of which is learning about new things that are peculiar to the culture of our partner.


The art of assertiveness


Assertiveness. It’s a word that is so in vogue lately but, paradoxically, with so little actual practical application. Being assertive means much more than just saying the right thing at the most appropriate time. To be assertive is also to know to keep quiet when necessary. Or to refrain from engaging in fights that do