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Poetry: “Collapsing new thoughts”

in Poetry/Society
Image by Johannes Plenio, public domain
Image by Johannes Plenio, public domain

“I can’t open my eyes / to watch the fluttering ring of lies (…) I can’t move opinions / if the thoughts are fake.”

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Cows, Schnapps and Lederhosen

in Lifestyle/Society/Travel
Cows decorated for Viehscheid. Image by BBPhotodesign on Pixabay
Cows decorated for Viehscheid

“As a second generation Canadian, returning to the country of my grandfather is filled with meaning and realization. At some point I plan on visiting the Bavarian town of Kulmbach, where he originates from, but I never expected Bavaria to visit me first.”

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Lithuanian taxidermy film travels across Europe

in Movies/Philosophies/Reviews
Photo by WATARI on Unsplash.
Photo by WATARI on Unsplash.

A Leipzig-based Lithuanian viewer ponders the film: “[Animus Animalis] was very powerful and had a great variety of natural beauty in it. But some of its parts were truly irksome to watch or even think about.”

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Pilotenkueche at its best: floating rooms, slasher films

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/My Leipzig
Atsuko Mochida, Floating Room 1, Alte Handelsschule, Photo: Samra Sabanovic, © PILOTENKUECHE Art Program

The vernissage will give you a chance to engage with the artists and their work that raises important social, political and personal questions, product of their immersion into the PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program in Leipzig.

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Food chronicles of a Leipzig veteran

in Food/Leipzig tips/Reviews
Did you know about these food gems in Leipzig?
Image by igorovsyannykov on Pixabay

“If you don’t want to spend your Friday evening watching Soko Leipzig, perhaps one of my insider tips for going out might tempt you away from calling Dominos.”

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From travel adventures to heartbreaking loss

in Glocal/Philosophies
Aaron and his parents, Craig and Becky. (Photo: Michael Anderson)

A whirlwind year ripped Becky and Craig Markovitz away from “dreaming up travel adventures” in Leipzig to encountering the deepest love and loss back in the US – that of their child. Now, as a tribute to their son, they’re turning their tragedy and grief into a place where other children can dream up their own adventures.

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