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“Like Thomas to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March”

in Literature/Poetry by
Germanophile poetry cover. Public domain photo

Leipzig elements woven into a tapestry pattern of a Germanophile literary reader – a maze of well-combined imagery.

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“How long have you been a daughter?”

in Poetry by
"How long have you been a daughter?" - Poetry. Public domain photo

how long have you been a figure in the ledger of life / put a scanner to your face, read the barcode of time / thirty-three or three, according to the new chronology

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New Leipzig magazine seeks contributors

in Glocal/My Leipzig/Philosophies by
Neu in Leipzig story cover. (Public domain photo)

The German-language publication “will tackle head-on the many obstacles to integration, by teaming up newcomers who have experience as writers, photographers, journalists or documentary film-makers, with native German tandem partners.” Benefit comedy show & information evening on Tue 4 Dec, at Leipzig’s Telegraph.

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Dogman: “a very mixed set of thoughts”

in Movies/Society by
Dogman review cover shot, public domain photo.

“Dogman is a depressingly beautiful film full of thought-provoking, dreadful imagery, following a tragic but most of all ambivalent protagonist.” Catch it Wed 28/11, @ Cinémathèque in der naTo.

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First Man: between aloof husband and hero

in Movies by
First Man, starring Ryan Gosling, tries to balance the domestic with the historic. (Image: public domain)

“Arguably the most tightly action-packed scene of the film, its opening, throws the viewer alongside Ryan Gosling’s Armstrong into a tin can of a flight vessel that is edging towards the atmosphere. Immediately afterwards, we are brought into the personal trauma of Armstrong’s family.” Playing in the original @Passage Kinos this whole movie week.

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“An antidote to mindless entertainment”

in Music/What's on by

“This year’s edition of TransCentury Update will take its audience on a cosmic rollercoaster ride to the blazing edges of the galaxy, back to the darkest depths of Planet Earth again.”

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