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Zagreb’s gallery of broken hearts

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The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb. Photo: Ana Ribeiro

The concept of giving a cathartic shrine to breakups began in the Croatian capital in 2006, and has traveled to other cities in Europe, the Americas and Asia; a branch has now opened in Hollywood.

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Lijepa naša: an ode to Croatia

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This increasingly popular holiday destination in Europe is a lot more than natural beauty. Just ask the Croats.

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Arts and Culture: All aboard OFF EUROPA. Next Stop Hrvatska

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18-29 Sept Leipzig and Dresden, are you ready for a new edition of the theater and dance festivals OFF EUROPA? You know it’s always cutting edge and definitely not disappointing. The festival was originally founded under the name of MANöVER in 1992. Leipzig celebrates 24 years and Dresden 8 years of bringing you what you…

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