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Public domain photo.
Public domain photo.

These are jobs for international people being advertised for Leipzig and region, as well as some companies and institutions hiring. 

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Lawyer to take foreigners’ issues to Leipzig mayor

in My Leipzig/Society
Leipzig city center. Photo: maeshelle west-davies
Leipzig city center. Photo: Maeshelle West-Davies

A local-based lawyer will meet with Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung later this month to advocate for foreigners who, when trying to live and work locally, have faced obstacles from public administration.

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5 essentials for teaching English in Leipzig

in Jobs/Leipzig tips/Philosophies
Andréanne Roy, former freelance teacher, now Director of Studies at inlingua. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)
Andréanne Roy, former freelance teacher, now the director at inlingua. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Many expats seek out the chance to teach English in Leipzig, but now it’s getting trickier. Andréanne Roy, inlingua’s Director of Studies, shares essential tips, links, and a checklist to make the trek a bit easier.

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Glocal spotlight: Kuba the comedian

in Glocal/My Leipzig
The Polish Kuba dedicates himself to a show on Radio Blau, stand-up comedy with the Shameless troupe, and a 9-to-5 job. https://leipglo.com
Kuba performs stand-up. Photo by Daniel Louis Vezza.

Never getting into German comedy could be what nudged the Polish Kuba into English stand-up.

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A magic Spaniard in Germany

in My Leipzig/Stage
Alfonso Rituerto by Betty Pabst

There’s magic in the air and it’s due to the charming Alfonso.

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Glocal spotlight: Cade McCall

in Glocal/My Leipzig
American Cade McCall on what makes Leipzig his favorite city in the world. https://leipglo.com
Photo © Cade McCall.

Today, you get to meet a witty brain scientist and Leipzig culture aficionado.

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