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The happiness van: an adventure around Leipzig

in Glocal/Philosophies/Travel
The Happiness Van
Allan and his companions with the green happiness van. (Photo: Allan Dransfield)

“Allan came to my house to pick me up, and I did exactly what my mom has always told me not to do: get in a van with a stranger.” 

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Finding myself in Leipzig (without knowing I was lost)

in My Leipzig/Philosophies
Leipzig city center. Photo by Dierk Gut, public domain.

“Every day I woke up with a smile and a slight hangover in a bed with a frame that was completely broken.”

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Feeling all hyggeIigt in Copenhagen

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel
Image by manusama, public domain
Image by manusama, public domain

“I was spoken to more during my first moments in Copenhagen than in my first week in Leipzig. Be helpful to a stranger, period. Be kind to the person sitting across from you in public transit, period. It’s not a difficult behavior to participate in, I promise.”

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Poem: “The ideal bench” as metaphor

in Philosophies/Poetry
"The ideal bench." (Photo: Lito Seizani)
"The ideal bench." (Photo: Lito Seizani)

What’s your “ideal bench”?

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