Living abroad

The magic thing about home


The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back. I put this quote, by author Wendy Wunder, to the test when I returned “home” two months ago, after almost ten years of being away. It was just a brief visit, 5 rainy days in


Carnaval in Brazil: nostalgia and tips beyond Rio


"The feeling of 'I wish I was there' may turn, unexpectedly, to resentment and even rage when you see your friends happily smiling with ridiculous costumes in colorful pictures and you realize you have been using the same ugly sweater since New Year’s eve— the day your social life in Europe died to be reborn


First home abroad for young American newlywed PhD candidate


It's nice to see other people adding to a pool of diverse voices narrating life in and visits to our great little city. Today is Becky Markovitz's turn to be featured in our Q&A; we are happy that, recently, she moved to Leipzig and has been chronicling her cultural discoveries and experiences living abroad for