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Why do we blog? (A photo story)

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Rather than a way to escape “real” life for me, it’s ended up becoming a way to enhance it.

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German purity laws turn 500

in Leipzig on the web/Lifestyle
In celebration of the German Purity Laws, let's talk beer.

“To honor the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Laws, I’ve started a year-long series in my online column, The Flensburg Files, looking at the history of beer in Germany and trying (and recommending) beers only made in Germany.”

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Seven generations of migration

in History/Leipzig/Leipzig on the web
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

“I wanted to understand where I came from and what made me who I am. Actually, I was inspired by Thomas Mellon, a 19th century Irish emigrant to the US who wrote: ‘If you would know yourself, begin with the study of your forefathers.’”

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Internationalized Leipzig native and her creative space

in Community/Leipzig/Leipzig on the web/Lifestyle
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Corina, the blogger behind, was perhaps the first person to welcome LeipGlo to the cybersphere, by leaving a friendly comment on our page. Since then I’ve been following her blog and really enjoy the mix of creative veins she brings in: photography, food, writing, lifestyle and entertainment tips always with her very particular touch

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First home abroad for young American newlywed PhD candidate

in Community/Leipzig on the web
The lady behind LOVE LOVE LAUGH blog

It’s nice to see other people adding to a pool of diverse voices narrating life in and visits to our great little city. Today is Becky Markovitz’s turn to be featured in our Q&A; we are happy that, recently, she moved to Leipzig and has been chronicling her cultural discoveries and experiences living abroad for the first time through her blog, Live. Laugh. Leipzig. Here she gives us a little taste of what she’s been up to.

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Behind the scenes: Blog makeover in progress

in Leipzig on the web
What we looked like before our lil' makeover; what we look like now (with behind-the-scenes customizing included). Art by Marina Renault.

If you’ve stopped by before, you may have noticed LeipGlo looks a bit different now (once again). We’re changing our blog for a new reader experience: Over the next weeks, we will gradually adapt it to an even more magazine-like layout. We will also change the frequency and order of our columns and other sections, to make it more structured and improve the way we feature information. We hope you will enjoy it, and are open to your suggestions and other feedback. Feel free to comment here, and keep track of our changes by following #BehindTheScenes.

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